Visual Mind Tricks with Kamiel Rongen

What am I looking at?

I don’t know what it is.

Immediately, it brings up the magic question: “what does it look like?”.







is it good or evil?

This small world sounds like a wired, highly pitched and resampled collage of loops, voices and instruments. Does it talk to me? It fits perfectly to the movements of the objects and the whole scene. Kind of a gluey, creamy, soapy fluid it swims in and comes out of. Vibrant colors. A fountain of clear gel rises from bottom to top and makes the surface drift apart.

Fog emerges from the left, new tiny shapes form up at high speed and build long strings of somewhat unearthly substance. A ball jumps up and down, melts and rearranges to a sprinkling source of colorful fluids.


It can’t be animated, it just looks to real…but is it?

2 Minutes later – everything is gone and I hit play again.


A fresh and entertaining audiovisual experience named “Waterballet – Shortcuts” totally caught my interest. Whatever experimental cinematography might be: this is exactly what I am after.

Kamiel Rongen from Hyde Park is a Dutch artist who shuttles us to virgin soil. His audiovisual compositions with the ”never-seen-before-effect” strongly attract the interest of anybody dealing with visual creation. These cute livings come from a different place for sure and show a highly narrative and atmospheric potential. Even though I have no idea what they are saying to me, it’s pure fun to watch them bolting around, diving, jumping and bumping.

I don’t have a clue, so let’s ask the artist himself.

Kamiel, first of all please introduce yourself! Who are you, how old are you and what is your profession?

Who I am, I still have to figure out, im 28 years old and I work as a tourguide in a touringcar that drives from Holland to Spain.


I’m so done with all these speculations! What the hell are we seeing in your videos?

All the things you see are real and happened once in my fishbowl.
I make use of a lot of different materials, most of the time I just go to the supermarket and buy food, spices, cleaning stuff and etcetera etcetera.
All those things I mix together in my fishbowl and film it.


Can you tell us a little bit in detail about the setup you are using?

Most of the time I work with a lot of light and my DSLR (actually im still borrowing the camera from Doris and Tibor)


What are your working materials, fluids and stuff like that?

Actually everything you can imagine. For my last project I worked with pee. Some materials I mix together or put it in the fridge, cook it etcetera etcetera.

Are you recording video or timelapse sequences?

I work with video.


What camera equipment do you use for your work?

In the beginning I worked with the EOS 500D, now im working with the 7D. Sometimes I use a 100mm lens, or I use the standard kit lens.


Do you do your productions all alone or is this a team work?

I do it all alone, I’m to stubborn to work together in music or video.


As you do the sounddesign and music all for yourself, do you rather have a background as a musician or sound engineer?

I don’t have a background as musician or sound engineer. Only I create music landscapes since im 14. First with Reason 2.5, I used it for 10 years. Finally I work with ableton, wich I really like.


How did your work as a multimedia artist develop? Did you – like many people – start filming when the DSLR revolution brought us all these amazing video capabilities in still cameras?

Actually I did, only I started making stop motion video’s 7 years ago. With a Nikon d40 I guess. After 2 years I was searching for a new working method, cause I missed something in the motion of stop motion. I was searching for smoother movements, and ended with a fishtank.


You also did live shows in several countries, what can we expect from a Hyde Park show?

It’s a visually mind trip of 25 minutes, with a lot of different colors in sound and video. Actually that’s what im searching for.I’m still developing it, for example the set I finished recently is more like soothing ambient. But now I’m working on a set which is more focused on tempo and beats.


Thank you very much and best wishes for you and your future projects!

For more information about Kamiel Rongen, visit Hyde Park or his vimeo profile.

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