Terracollage Live with A Prouder Grief

The indie label Bekassine Records from Nuremberg shows a pretty specific profile and the owners Michael Winkler and Hans Christian Lehner have a knack for picking the right artists at the right time. A Prouder Grief is one of these special acts I already was in touch with at the first label party in 2013. At that time, I tried to cover the event with a “no prep at all” doc style attitude and brought my Canon 60D, a zoom lens and a monopod (find a short clip at the end of this post).

A selection of stills from terracollage & A Prouder Grief at MUZClub Nuremberg, copyright R. De Giuli, 2016.

I enjoyed listening to A Prouder Grief very much because their deep sound immediately made me think about the visual interpretation of this music. As their showcase is straight instrumental and varies from some kind of Postrock, to psychedelic or bizarre, a lot of their songs work brilliant as massive otherworldy sound score. We decided to team up for a gig in the MUZclub Nuremberg and bring back the feeling of the classic liquid light shows from the 70’s. But in my case as a macro liquid live show with a huge stack of petri dishes and a collection of over 25 fluids to continuously mix live on stage. The visuals where projected directly on stage and the whole idea came out pretty well. I didn’t know their actual live set so I reacted spontaneously , the whole thing accelerated and added nicely to the great music and atmosphere.

For post production I just picked the song I currently like the most and combined the best visual moments of this evening into a composition which hopefully helps you to get an idea of our collaboration.

It was a lot of fun! Enjoy the video and watch out for A Prouder Grief gigs in your area. Because this is more than just an insider’s tip!

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