Creating the Cosmos with Shanks FX

Shanks FX from PBS digital studios is well known for his creative approach to special FX. Not only is he providing great content, he also offers detailed insights in his production processes and shows a lot of tricks in how to generate spectacular visual effects with conventional materials. His tutorials cover a broad spectrum from diy flashlight cinematography to the creation of clouds, planets and stardust. Don’t think of CGI, he does it the analog way.

„Creating the Cosmos“ is a great example on how to achieve stunning visuals with nothing more than a sheet of glass, a DSLR, some light and household ingredients like water and dye. Effective techniques on the cheap for everyone willing to spent a little time on experimenting with fluids and particles. Exactly my mind-set: you don’t need a beefy machine and a CGI artist, do it by handcraft and let the pictures unfold. Joey Shanks definitely has a knack for things like that, so watch his tutorial!

for more information visit:

Shanks FX youtube channel

Shanks FX website


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