The Photo Gallery – now online!

It’s quite a while ago since I concentrated on shooting stills. Experimental motion picture is my main topic and I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy shooting video. But initially I was in photography and I go back there for a reason. It’s hard to explain, but in short:


I need to shoot photographs in order to make good videos.


I am convinced that the absolute focus on a still image, it’s composition and it’s associative potential simply makes you a better film maker as you learn to value the meaning of every single frame of your shot. That doesn’t mean that shooting video is easier than shooting stills (and of course vice versa), but for me both disciplines complement one another in a perfect manner.


Photography is kind of a basic school I can go through again and again, learning new things all the time and deepening the knowledge I already have. It’s fascinating how my attention shifts for example from motion to light when I don’t shoot video. I use more light sources and different qualities of light, I mix brightness and angles, flood and spot lights and try to light a scene much more accentuated than just using a flat led panel. The impact of light on contrast, depth and atmosphere of a scene is essential. That’s why every photo session improves my lightning in video. But the motion in a video might attract my eye that much, that I forget taking care of the light and ambience like I usually would for a photo. Reason enough to do some extensive photo sessions. It brings me back to the roots and as time is a different factor, I also get a much better understanding of practical effects and their usage.


Sometimes, colors and fluids do everything on their own.


They put themselves in scenes, they have an order, a direction and clear concept and the only thing I have to do is to capture this in the best possible way. On the other hand, you have to be the director if you are after something special, a complex mixture of fluid layers which needs help to come alive.

My new Gallery page showcases the best I have to offer in marco photography so far. Shooting with a 5Ds R and it’s cutting edge 50,6 megapixel full frame sensor was a joy. In fact, it is the maximum of what is currently achievable, at least from a technical point of view. From a practical and creative point of view I gave everything I have and used every single trick for organic visualization I learned during the past years.


Dive in and enjoy, and let me know what you think!




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