Mesmerizing – Fresh Organic Wallpapers in 4k

Here’s another batch of 4k wallpapers for anybody who loves organic art! All Stills are taken from my latest project SINGULARITY which will be released next Monday (find my latest article here). I have a huge collection of footage with way more clips than I could use for my film. Beautiful pictures, but as they did not add to the story, I had to kill many of my darlings. But no reason to be sad, they will work well as stock footage, wallpapers or for my minimacro series which I would love to continue soon. All pictures are retouched and processed in Photoshop and will fill in even bigger screens up to 4k resolution.

Feel free to download from below, the package is split in two archives.

Enjoy, best wishes,


wallpapers 01-06wallpapers 07-12


  • Henry Bissell

    12. December 2016


    Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring!
    It is great to see you apply your creative genius to actual materials in this 3D world and 2D workspace. Amazing! So moving!
    Singularity’s soundtrack complements the visual imagery perfectly! Thank you for sharing with us.

    • terracollage

      12. January 2017


      Thanks a lot, Henry, my very pleasure!

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