Terracollage Live – Infinity in a Petri Dish

Recently, I had the opportunity to create a live session, showing the ability of organic visuals for entertaining an audience. Even tough it’s hard to translate the motto for the event accurately, it was all about room, space, and it’s transformation into new zones and areas. A room is essentially defined by it’s specific atmosphere, being generated from it’s size, sound and reflections, colors and materials, lights and shadows and of course many more things. The individual(s) in it, represent the counterpart of a relation in which room and humans bring each other to live. They behave in unison, reflect or reject one from another. Outer space is unreachable for us, therefore it is a “room” which is entirely defined by itself. It represents one of these rooms, wherein the completion of a system is not caused by or dependent on men. If we take a closer look at these kind of rooms, it becomes obvious that in plenty of them, human existence doesn’t matter at all. The universe will exist forever and will represent what we named infinity. We don’t know what it sounds like, we don’t know what it looks like, but let me give you an abstract idea of what it might look. Full of colors, atmospheric blobs and aeriform clouds, streams, storms and explosions. A super-short and accelerated wrap-up of a macro liquid light show: nothing hidden, nothing animated, just pure organic visuals.

For this event I constructed an illuminated frame which was rotating on a slow stepping motor. I was able to stack 5 layers of glass and petri dishes to create the fore-, middle- and background of the scenery. Thanks to Daniel Augustin for taking the bts-pictures at the Experimentiertheater of our institute.

I hope you like it! Thanks for dropping in,


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