GEODAEHAN – A Giant Step of Macro Cinema

This is GEODAEHAN. Another matter of the heart. Organic Visuals for the Olympic Open Ceremony 2018 in South Korea.

Shot in 8K on a RED Epic Helium with a fantastic team Terracollage and Giantstep. Music again by the incredible Tristan Barton!

I will keep this very short: GEODAEHAN is Korean and a collective name for anything huge, gigantic, vast or colossal.

This is the extract from an extensive shoot I did together with Giantstep for this years Olympic opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea. My assignment was to create visuals in the same fashion as I already did for my experimental short LAND OF MINE. In this case, the visuals had to follow the script of chapter one of the opening ceremony. The idea was to create landscapes on paper to tell the story of 4 traditional elements of South Koreas cultural history: water, earth, fire and sky. We developed a specific shape and texture as well as a color scheme for each element according to the conditions of the motion design team. My job was to feature topographic elements like rivers, lakes, mountains and rocks and to create kind of an artistic aerial view on South Korea. In contrast to my previous work, I experimented with filling paste and various consistencies to gently model the highs and lows with palette knifes and a lot of DIY stuff. However, the biggest challenge was that the directors only needed static topshots for the projection mapping on the stadium floor. I could not make use of any motion control or sideways camera angles to create depth in a scene (like I usually do).

During my research I stumbled upon Taebaek Mountains, the biggest mountain range of South and North Korea. I was also fascinated by traditional Korean paintings which do not focus on perfect reproduction but rather on the atmosphere of a scene. The artworks often show wide landscapes, especially mountains and watercourses with a high sense of emotion and poetry. This was my entry point to create the images you can see in this video.

Client: IOC

Agency: Giantstep

Visuals: Terracollage by Roman De Giuli

DOP: Eddi Bachmann

DIT: Philip Konscek

Assistant: Daniel Augustin

Rental: Beimann Cineastic

Studio: Buddy’s Filmgear Rental and Studio

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