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A selection of my finest macro shots in high resolution. You will find a wide variation of organic visualizations, from simple ink drops to complex fluid layer compositions with components like acrylic ink, oil, metallic pigments and much more. The visuals are captured just as they appear, I don’t use any Photoshop composing methods or digital montages. The shots only got slightly retouched by removing dust and fluff.

All pictures are taken with a Canon EF 2,8/100 L Macro Lens on a 5Ds R with a maximum solution of 50,6 Megapixels at over 2700 line pairs per millimeter. As the cameras full frame sensor does not have a built in low pass filter, it currently provides the highest edge sharpness which is technically possible. Thus, the photos turn out in a never seen before plasticity and hold up exceptionally well on large prints of up to 2 meters.

I offer my work in a variety of materials, ready to hang. Orders will exclusively be handled at Whitewall, Europe’s leading lab for photography prints in museum quality. My recommendation is the ultraHD Print Under Acrylic Glass which gives you an unparalleled level of detail and incredibly vivid colors. For prints or licensing, reach me at

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And for a closer look, scroll below and find my personal top ten equipped with a loupe tool which reveals much more details.

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TOP TEN 2017

Item #001: Tree of Life, 5792 x 8688 px

Item #002: Radiolaria 1 8600 x 5792 px

Item #003: Marbles 1 8688 x 4541 px

Item #004: Fossil 5792 x 8688 px

Item #005: Vibra 8464 x 5687 px

Item #006: Gravity Pull 8688 x 5792 px

Item #007: Discovery 8688 x 5792 px

Item #008: Isle 8688 x 5792 px

Item #009: Jewellery 8688 x 5792 px

Item #010: Together 8688 x 5792 px