Boom – The initial Post!

Welcome to my new website!

After quite some years of shooting photos and videos, I decided to attend this blog to my main passion – which is experimental cinematography. Taking a new approach to audio-visual narration and elaborating alternative views of us and our surroundings is one of my goals. As we are now able to shoot high definition content with full featured cameras and a lot a additional gear, the term perspective gets defined in a new way. Macro cinematography is just one example on how to get a unique perspective on movements, colours, surfaces and reflections in extraordinary tiny locations where fluids mix and bubble, powder and particles explode and disappear.

The trick: create the perfect illusion of a scenario and make it unfold to a stunning experience in the heads of your audience. Your illusion is tiny, capricious and fragile – so treat it with care. It starts fading away in front of your eyes the moment after it is arisen. Eventhough you’ll try hard to gain control of the elements, their apperance and moves, you cannot force the story to emerge. It shows up when the time is right, not when you are ready.

The paradox: the more authentic it looks, the more one thinks of something generated by a machine. It just looks to real to be real, therefore it must be CGI.

The target: Make the people want to tell you what it looks like. Make the people don’t want to believe that this is just ink, oil, water and a few houshold ingredients.


Freeze frame from the final sequence of STREAM, copyright R. De Giuli, 2015.

But this blog is not only about visual experiments, it is also about technology and the overwhelming possibilities we get offered by the technological change. As well as for millions of others, the DSLR revolution was my start in using large sensor cameras and photo lenses for filming. At the beginning I worked with a 5D Mark II which was opened like Pandora’s box with Magic Lantern. Meanwhile I left Canon and the GH4 now is my workhorse of choice. Since 2014, everybody mentions 4K, but I can’t wait to get my first 6K, 8K or 10K camera to crop and zoom like crazy in my macro shots like I am able to do with high resolution stills. Time will show if I’m right and the speed of life and technology will bring us even more endless possibilites for a bargain. Till then, I will stay in my basement and mix colorful junk to a new cosmos – from it’s emergence to it’s collapse.

And finally, this blog is about content. Great Photos, films and sounds that drives and entertains us.

Thank you very much for dropping in! Please mail me anytime if you have questions or suggestions, if you want to collaborate or if you need some footage.

Best wishes,